Saturday, December 3, 2022

Iran Blasts Certain Muslim States for “Treacherous” Positions on Syria Strikes

Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani has described as an act of “betrayal” the silence by certain Islamic countries in the face of the US-led military action against Syria.

Addressing an open session of Parliament on Sunday, Larijani said some Islamic states happily stood by the US, France and Britain in their missile attack on Syria.

He said some Muslim countries claim to be supporters of Muslim unity and human rights, but behind the scenes they support terrorists and make their resources available to aggressors to target Muslim nations.

“The Iranian Parliament condemns this brutal and illegal attack, and announces to these three countries and the contemptible countries supporting them that gone are the days of such false postures, and such savage acts will only shed light on the path where supporters of terrorism and hypocrites are treading,” said Larijani.

He said such attacks will only further strengthen the Syrian nation’s resolve to wipe out terrorists.

Larijani further noted that the US-led military action begs the question why the three countries launched the attack, after all.

“These three countries claim that the Syrian government used chemical arms days ago, and that Syria managed to drive terrorists from the outskirts of Damascus thanks to these very weapons,” the parliament speaker noted.

“However, the Syrian and Russian governments have denied the allegation and called on international circles to look into the case,” he said.

Larijani said the military action was taken hastily without first waiting for the results of a possible probe to be published.

He said the “chemical attack” scenario was just a pretext to launch the missile attack, and the main reason behind the military action was the latest developments on the ground in Syria.

“The area around Damascus had been a den of terrorists for years with the help of major countries and some rogue regional states. They would fuel insecurity in Damascus with modern weapons,” said Larijani.

“What the Syrian army did recently was to purge the area, something that state sponsors of terrorists wouldn’t believe could materialize in a short period of time. So, the Saudis shamelessly made their resources available to the Americans and urged them to bombard Syria, believing they would be able to change the equation and re-establish the terrorists’ safe haven,”

“That they think they can achieve their objectives with such a brutal and illegal act is just s mirage,” said Larijani.

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