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Iran’s FM Meets PUK Secretary-General

The top Iranian diplomat Mohammad Javad Zarif has held talks with Secretary-General of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Kosrat Rasul.

Trump’s Syria Withdrawal Just for Domestic Purposes: French General

A former French general believes the late December announcement by US President Donald Trump that he will withdraw forces from Syria and Afghanistan is just for domestic purposes, and is part of Trump’s game to push the Congress to obey its Mexico wall demand.
Arab States Set Condition for Assad’s Presence in AL Summit

Arab States Set Condition for Assad’s Presence in AL Summit

Reports say participation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the upcoming summit of the Arab League in Tunisia hinges on his government’s stance towards Iran’s military presence in the war-torn country.
General Ahmad Vahidi

Withdrawal of US from Syria Not Making So Much Difference: Ex-Iranian DM

Head of the Strategic Centre of the General Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi says although the Americans say they are leaving Syria, it is not clear to what extent it will become operational.

Syrian Kurds Stress Need for Agreement with Damascus

A senior Kurdish military official says a deal between Damascus and Syria's Kurds in the country's north is "inevitable".

New Opportunities for Iran as Arab States Return to Syria

As more and more Persian Gulf Arab states are jostling to re-establish their diplomatic ties with Syria and play a role in the reconstruction of the war-torn country, observers maintain that the new trend provides Iran with a chance to turn the current threats into opportunities and play a leading role in the post-ISIS Syria.

3 US Military Bases in Manbij Complicate Fate of Syrian City: Report

The United States has three military bases near Manbij, which shows how important the Syrian city is to Washington, but that has complicated the city’s fate, a media report says.

‘Iran, Syria’s Top Priority in Reconstruction Projects’

The Syrian ambassador to Tehran says Damascus gives priority to Iran when it comes to the reconstruction of the war-torn country.

Arab Countries Rushing to Open Embassies in Syria: Analyst

A senior Arab analyst says Arab countries are joyfully rushing to open their embassies in the Syrian capital, Damascus.

Syrian Army in Manbij to Protect Kurds from Turkey

The Syrian army has entered Manbij near the Turkish border, marking the return of territories held by US-backed militants to the government fold for the first time in years, an army spokesman said Friday.

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