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Syria urges US, Europe to end ‘economic terrorism’

Syria has called for the lifting of sanctions imposed by Washington and its European allies on other countries, describing them as “economic terrorism”, which must end.

US says it captured Daesh official in Syria after helicopter raid

The United States Central Command says its forces have captured an ISIS official after conducting a helicopter raid in northern Syria.

Sources say US to blame for pause in Syria’s reengagement with Arab world

The United States has taken a number of economic measures to repel Arab nations' interest in reengagement with Damascus, which eventually caused the Arab League's special committee to halt contacts with Syria despite the country's readmission to the organization, a source familiar with the matter told Sputnik.

Syria president arrives in China for first visit in almost 20 years

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has arrived in the east Chinese city of Hangzhou, kicking off his first visit to the Asian country since 2004 as he makes further strides to end over a decade of diplomatic isolation amid Western sanctions.

Thousands join anti-Assad rally in southern Syria

Thousands of Syrians held a protest rally in the southern city of Sweida, the largest in nearly a month of anti-government demonstrations against economic hardships, activists say. The government says sanctions by the US and its allies following a decade of civil war, are behind the crippled economy.

2 Syrian soldiers killed in Israeli attack on west coast

Israel has carried out airstrikes against Syria’s west coast, near the ancestral home region of President Bashar al-Assad, killing two Syrian soldiers and wounding six others, state media have reported.

Report: Fresh Anti-government protests hit Syria’s Sweida

At least 2,000 people marched in the city of Sweida in southern Syria in a new round of anti-government demonstration, an activist and a witness have confirmed.

Fears of further escalation rise as dozens die in fighting between Kurdish fighters, Arab tribal militias in Syria

The ongoing fighting that erupted between Arab tribal militias and members of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northeast Syria has killed dozens of people as fears of further escalation grow.

Protests in Syria over economy target President Assad

Hundreds of people have protested in southern Syria to call on President Bashar al-Assad to step down, capping nearly two weeks of demonstrations that had erupted over poor living conditions but have spiralled into renewed calls for political change.

Anti-Assad demonstrations gain momentum in Syria

Anti-government protests gripped southern Syria on Wednesday for the second consecutive week, as public demands for economic reform have escalated into calls for the departure of President Bashar al-Assad.

Several killed in fighting between Kurdish fighters and tribesmen in eastern Syria

Clashes in eastern Syria between Arab tribal fighters and US-backed Kurdish-led forces have left several people, including civilians, dead and wounded, opposition activists and pro-government media have confirmed.

Syria’s Aleppo airport “out of service after Israeli raid”

The Syrian government has confirmed a new Israeli aerial attack has targeted Aleppo International Airport in northwestern Syria, putting the facility out of service.

US delegation makes rare visit to militant-held northwest Syria

A high-level US delegation has made a rare visit to the rebel-held territory in northwestern Syria in an effort to highlight the “ongoing humanitarian catastrophe” in the region.

Syria rejects west “accusations over false-flag 2013 chemical attack” on Damascus

The Syrian Foreign Ministry has denounced “repeated allegations against Damascus” by France and the United States over a false-flag chemical attack on the outskirts of the capital Damascus in 2013.

Protests spread in Syria over dire economic and living conditions

Hundreds of angry demonstrators gathered in southern Syria for the sixth consecutive day to demand the removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and to call for improved living conditions.

Syria accuses US of supporting terrorists

The United States is responsible for the military escalation in eastern Syria, where terror groups such as Daesh intensified their activities recently, the Syrian Foreign Ministry has announced.

Daesh claims responsibility for deadly attack on Syrian army bus

Gunmen from the terror group Daesh ambushed a bus carrying Syrian soldiers in the country’s east, killing and wounding dozens of military personnel.

Syria’s Assad refuses to meet Turkish President Erdogan ‘on his terms’

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has stated he will not meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan under the latter’s conditions.

Syrian reporter, soldiers killed in Daraa blast

A Syrian reporter and two Syrian soldiers were killed on Wednesday by an explosive device in the country's southern Deraa governorate, Syrian state media reported.

Syria’s envoy says US supplied terrorists with chemical weapons

Syria’s deputy permanent representative to the UN says that US forces have supplied terrorists in the strategic al-Tanf area in southern Syria with chemical weapons and trained them how to use the lethal tools to incriminate Damascus.

4 Syrian soldiers killed in Israeli strike near Damascus

An Israeli missile attack near Syria’s capital, Damascus, has killed at least four Syrian soldiers and wounded four others, SANA news agency has reported.

Russia, Syria smash militant command center In Idlib

Russian and Syrian air forces struck at a militant command center in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib that was responsible for coordinating attacks on civilian and military targets, a senior Russian officer has stated.

Syria and Russia hold joint training drills

Syrian commandos and Russian air forces have conducted a joint tactical training exercise, the Russian Defense Ministry has announced. The night drill in the Syrian province of Hama was the first of its kind for the two allies, according to the statement on Thursday.

UN says forced to cut food aid to millions globally over funding crisis

The United Nations has been forced to cut food, cash payments and assistance to millions of people in several countries — including Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen — because of “a crippling funding crisis” that has seen its donations plummet by about half as acute hunger is hitting record levels, a top official has confirmed.

Daesh claims responsibility for attack on shrine near Syria’s Damascus

The Daesh terror group has claimed responsibility for an attack on the Sayeda Zeinab shrine south of the Syrian capital, Damascus, that killed several people and wounded others.

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