An exhibition is underway in Tehran, showcasing pictorial versions of poems by renowned Iranian poet Hafez.

The works of art by Samira Darya depict Hafez’s sonnets in which key words such as sweetheart, sheikh, mystic, heart, religion, etc., are repeated numerous times recounting novel stories each time.

The illustrations on show have an ambience associated with these very words, and tableaus on display feature mystic and love concepts. However, what is noteworthy is that Darya’s miniatures do not exactly conform to Hafez’s poems; rather, the illustrations feature her own imagination as well. Her works contain numerous details creating an ambience full of colour and patterns.

In her works, she has adhered to the principles of Persian painting. Fine paintbrush work, images of clouds and wind, flowers, birds, etc., have all come together to present the Persian painting style. Her illustrations feature links between different points in time and represent signs of contemporary life in an ancient ambience.

The exhibit drew to a close on February 14, 2020. The following are pictures of Samira Darya’s works displayed at the event, retrieved from Honar Online:


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