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Louvre Museum Urges Rediscovery of Qajar Art

Yannick Lintz, the director of Islamic Art at the Louvre Museum, has hailed the unique features of Persian art during the Qajar era, highlighting the need for conducting further research to rediscover Persian artworks created in the nineteenth century.

Collection of Works by Contemporary Artists on Display in Tehran

An exhibition of works by 13 contemporary Iranian painters and calligraphers is underway in the Iranian capital Tehran.

Farshchian University Opened to Protect, Globalize Islamic-Iranian Arts

A new university, named after legendary master of Persian painting and miniature Mahmoud Farshchian, has been opened in Iran with the main goal of protecting and globalizing traditional Islamic-Iranian arts.

Visually Challenged Artist Creates Fascinating Paintings

A visually challenged Iranian woman has put on show dozens of her amazing paintings at an exhibition in Tehran.

French Graphic Artist Holds Exhibition in Memory of Iranian Maestro

A collection of posters and type designs by French graphic designer Thomas Huot-Marchand are on display at the Iranian Artists Forum in memory of the late Morteza Momayyez, the father of graphic arts in Iran.

Black on Dark: An Exhibit of Iranian Calligraphy Art

Famous Iranian calligraphy artist, Azra Aghighi Bakhshayesh, has put on show her latest works in an exhibition called “Black on Dark” in Tehran.

Mural by Two Australian Artists Unveiled in Tehran

A mural drawn by two Australian artists has been unveiled in the Iranian capital Tehran on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of diplomatic relations between Iran and Australia.

Endless Blue; Exhibition of Paintings with Chemical Compounds

Endless Blue is an exhibition by an Iranian painter who has used chemical compounds and polymer to project his ideas on the minds of the visitors.

Sculpture Exhibition Displays Changes Human Beings Undergo

An Iranian artist recently held an exhibition with the main theme of changes that human being undergo to move from what they are to what they want to become.

Sculpture Exhibit Depicts Iranian Women’s Transition to Modernity

Sculptures made by Iranian artist Behzad Ajdari are put on display at an art gallery in Tehran, portraying the transition of Iranian women from tradition to modernity.

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