Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Tehran Hosting Exhibition of Unique Abstract Paintings

A painting exhibition titled “Post-, Pre-Time” has opened in the Iranian capital, Tehran, showcasing works drawn with acrylic paint on canvas.

Some of the works are 3-D paintings created by using plastic, canvas and paint.

The paintings created by artist Hasaniyeh Roomi reflect order emanating from a sort of chaos.

The collection called “Post-, Pre-Time” has taken shape from a whole gamut of various points in time, showcasing a mixture of the present and the past and offering an unparalleled, timeless and colourful amalgamation.

In these paintings, objects and creatures are floating somewhere between the commencement of creation and eternity.

“This is how I create these works: I pour paint on the canvas arbitrarily, which creates an abstract atmosphere from which I extract figurative images and different elements such as plants, objects, etc.,” says Roomi.

“The elements created from an abstract atmosphere are usually imaginary and may not actually exist in reality,” the artist adds.

The exhibit runs until August 17, 2021 at Sales Art Gallery in central Tehran.


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