Friday, April 19, 2024

Visual Art

Expressionist Artist Holds Exhibition in Memory of Late Wife

Kiumars Kiasat, a prominent Iranian expressionist artists, has opened a solo exhibition of works he painted in memory of his late wife.

Iranian Artist Cuts Salvador Dalí’s Moustache!

An exhibition of works by Iranian artist Amir-Mohammad Qassemizadeh was recently held in Casa di Dante (House of Dante) in Florence, Italy.

Iranian Artist Turns Milan Drug Hub into Gallery

A young Iranian artist has turned a former dreadful drug hub in the Italian city of Milan into a gallery for displaying precious artworks.

Iran Not to Exhibit Its Unseen Artworks in Europe

Displaying the art pieces of Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art Museum (TMOCA) outside Iran is not on the agenda of Iran’s Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry, the minister declared.

Old Iranian Lady Starts Painting ‘Suddenly at 84‘

An 86-year-old Iranian woman, who started painting all of a sudden two years ago, has put her paintings on display in an exhibition in the capital city of Tehran.

European Sculptors Praise Tehran Sculpture Symposium’s High Quality  

Two European sculptors taking part in the 8th Tehran International Sculpture Symposium, currently underway in the Iranian capital, have expressed satisfaction with the unique quality of the convention, calling it a wonderful event which is among the best ones worldwide.

World’s Prominent Painters Come Together in ‘Garden of Luminaries’

Iran’s Aradman Publications has published a book titled “The Garden of Luminaries” which provides the readers with a different outlook on the patterns of diverse painting schools and styles of the world’s prominent painters.

‘Swedish Dads’ Put on Display in Iranian Artists Forum

A photo exhibition by Johan Bävman, titled “Swedish Dads”, was recently opened at the Iranian Artists Forum in Tehran in a ceremony attended by Sweden’s ambassador to Iran and a number of guests from the European state.

A Tour of Art Galleries in Tehran

Year after year, the art galleries of Tehran become more prosperous. Iranian people are now more willing than ever to see art and buy gallery items.

World Should Know More about Iran’s Visual Arts: Hungarian Artist

Gizella Varga Sinai, a Hungarian artist who has been living in Iran for years, believes that Iranian visual arts can be presented to the world just like its cinema.

Sohrab Sepehri’s Painting Sold for $845K at 4th Tehran Auction

The total revenue of the sales added up to over $6.4 million.

Whenever I reach the end, I start from scratch

Newsha Tavakolian, a self-taught photographer, says her success has no bearing on her gender.

7500-Year-Old Motifs Inspire Modern Fabric Designers

A group of fabric designers have created a collection inspired by motifs used on pottery previously discovered at the 7500-year-old Sialk Tepe near the central Iranian city of Kashan.

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