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Iranian Miniature: A Unique, Fabulous School of Art

The Iranian miniature, which was recently registered by the UNESCO as a world heritage, includes a whole range of arts, including flower and bird painting, illustration with human themes, illumination, decoration of books with Islamic-themed miniatures, etc.

The Iranian miniature has different themes, including legendary, mythical, religious and literary.

Different methods are used in this art, namely the painting of flowers and birds and illumination.
Moreover, Iranian miniaturists have never cut off their relationship with domestic poetry, legends, myths and ways of thought as well as national heroes and Iranian traditions and lifestyles.

Miniature Art Registered on UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage

These concepts have always been an integral part of Iranian miniaturists’ works and give the Iranian miniature a unique character which distinguishes it from the arts of other countries although the Iranian miniature does have much common ground with other Asian schools of art.

Paintings on the walls of the ancient monument Chelsotoon in the central city of Isfahan are among the best examples of decorative designs associated with Iranian architecture.

These wall paintings depict historical events in the Safavid era and onwards. The paintings are drawn with conventional literary concepts and images of plants in the style of the Isfahani school of art.

What follows are YJC’s photos of this unique Iranian art:

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