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Foreign Dignitaries Visit Tehran’s Museums

Some of the foreign officials travelling to Iran to attend President Rouhani’s swearing-in ceremony have visited Tehran’s historical monuments and museums.

Senior officials from 16 countries, who were among the dozens of dignitaries present in Tehran to attend the swearing-in ceremony of President Hassan Rouhani, have visited the historical Golestan Palace registered on the UNESCO’s list of the World Heritage Sites.

Some of them also visited the National Museum of Iran.

High-ranking officials from Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Hungary, South Korea, the Maldives, Poland, Thailand, the Vatican, Tunisia, Denmark, Chile, Austria, Vietnam and Senegal, along with their accompanying delegations, were among those who visited different parts of the Golestan Palace, said Massoud Nosrati, the manager of the historical-cultural Golestan Complex.

Foreign Dignitaries Visit Tehran’s Museums1“During the three-day visit to the Golestan Palace by senior political officials, they marvelled at the masterpiece architecture and artwork at the historical complex,” said Nosrati.

The officials, he said, discussed Iran’s culture, civilization and historical values during their visit. Also in their notes about their presence in Iran, they expressed happiness at having visited the historical attractions at the Golestan Plalace as Tehran’s only ancient monument which has been registered as an international cultural heritage site.

Jebreil Nokandeh, the director general of the National Museum of Iran, also weighed in on the officials’ visit to the museum in an interview with ISNA.

“Over the past few days, a number of the top officials attending the presidential oath-taking ceremony have visited the National Museum of Iran,” he said.

“Spanish Senate President Pío García-Escudero and Alberto Ortega Martin, the Special envoy of world Catholic Church Leader and Bishop of Rome Pope Francis, were among the officials who visited the museum,” he said.

Foreign Dignitaries Visit Tehran’s MuseumsAccording to Nokandeh, the Spanish official said he was pleased to be visiting Iran and getting familiar with the country’s rich history and civilization while visiting the museum.

“It was a really interesting visit to the National Museum of Iran for the Spanish royal delegation. Many thanks, Pío García-Escudero,” wrote the Spanish official in the visitor’s book.

According to Nokandeh, Alberto Ortega Martin also visited the Ancient Iran Museum and the Islamic Era Museum, both part of the National Museum of Iran.

“I’m very pleased to have visited this beautiful and wonderful museum, and I offer you my congratulations,” said Martin.

Moldovan President Igor Dodon also paid a visit to the museum.

“During his tour of the museum, he specifically visited the Pre-History Hall, the halls showcasing the history of the Achaemenid Empire, Parthians and Sassanids, and saw artefacts such as the pottery vessel and its drawing found in the Burnt City (known as the first animation in history), statue of Darius, statue of Parthian noble man, and the Salt Man Mummy,” said Nokandeh.

A Chinese vice-president was also among the visitors to the museum, said Nokandeh, adding he specifically visited part of the museum which showcases the history of Sino-Iranian trade ties in the past.

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