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China says Asia-Pacific doesn’t need ‘submarines and gunpowder’

The Asia-Pacific does not need “submarines and gunpowder”, China’s foreign ministry spokesperson said, slamming the trilateral security pact between the US, the UK, and Australia, dubbed AUKUS.

Russia: NATO ‘totally shocked’ by AUKUS

A newly formed military alliance among the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia has totally surprised NATO itself, rather than the opponents, a top Russian diplomat says.

Moscow’s security chief: AUKUS security pact against Russia, China

A top Russian official described the AUKUS alliance of Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States as another military bloc directed against Moscow and Beijing.

France: US instigating confrontation with China

French Defence Minister Florence Parly accused the United States of attempting to instigate confrontation with China, amid the growing tension over a security deal between Canberra and Washington.

Australia to host US military aircraft, nuclear-powered subs

Australia’s new defense treaty with the US and UK will feature muscular defenses, courtesy of US deployment of military aircraft in addition to the agreed nuclear-powered submarines, officials stated after a meeting in Washington.

France says Biden acted like Trump in submarine deal with Australia

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has accused US President Joe Biden of making an "unpredictable decision" like former US President Donald Trump "used to do" after he scrapped a $40 billion submarine defense deal that the European nation had signed with Australia.

China warns US-UK-Australia military pact undermines regional peace

China has slammed a new US military alliance with Australia and Britain, under which Canberra will acquire nuclear submarine technology, as an "extremely irresponsible" threat to regional stability.