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Iran: Proposed drafts based on principles approved by all parties

Iran's lead negotiator to Vienna talks says the Islamic Republic’s proposed drafts on the removal of sanctions and Tehran’s nuclear activities are based on the principles approved by all parties.

“No European party claimed that Iran’s proposals lacked legal basis. If the Europeans also submit a draft, it is not a problem and it is negotiable, but it must be based on the principles approved by both sides,” Ali Bagheri Kani said on Friday evening after negotiations in Vienna paused and delegations headed to their capitals for consultations on Iran’s proposed drafts.

“They said that these proposals do not correspond with our views, we also said that this is normal and we are not going to say things in the negotiations that are in line with your views. We present the points based on our views, interests and policies of our country,” Iran’s lead negotiator explained.

Baqeri Kani announced on Thursday that Iran had submitted two drafts to the other negotiating delegations on sanctions removal and Tehran’s nuclear commitments, and was about to put forward a third draft.

Reports coming out of Vienna suggest that the western negotiators have said Iran’s new nuclear proposals are not serious.

Iran and the P4+1 group namely Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany held five days of intensive talks in the Austrian capital from Monday to Friday.

Iran says it has attended the talks in good faith and serious about reaching an agreement on lifting of the anti-Tehran sanctions and the revival of the nuclear deal.

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