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Up-to-date coverage of developments in the fields of technology, computing, research and production in Iran, as it continues to progress in scientific endeavours.

wild ram-1

Iranian scientists clone endangered wild ram

Maral, the cloned ram, is in perfect health and is being kept in Royan Research Center’s farm, said the head of the Isfahan-based Royan Biomedicine and Stem Cells Institute.

Meet Iran’s next Bill Gates: a dropout-medical student

With a company in Turkey already established under his name and a new office in Tehran, the third-year college drop-out has made a name for himself.

Iran’s first manned spacecraft unveiled (PHOTOS)

Prior to the manned mission, two dummies and a monkey will be launched into space as part of an experimental project.

Iranian, Austrian officials review technological cooperation

Addressing a closing ceremony of the two-day Iran-EU conference dedicated to “EU-Iran – Post Sanctions Era” in Vienna, Sattari elaborated on developing markets in Iran.

Iranian invention helps disabled people type with eyes

The system processes electronic signals of the eye. When the individual is in front of the keyboard and wears the headband, the system starts processing electronic signals of the eye.
heart valve

Iranian scientists create world’s first hybrid heart valve

Two Iranian scientists have used a metal alloy to successfully develop the first hybrid tissue-engineered heart valve, which can replace the current valves thanks to its durability.
sheikh Bahai

A burning candle, a hot bath; connect the dots

An Iranian inventor has replicated the boiler of Sheikh Bahai’s Bath to unravel the secret of the historical bath.

Iran’s IVF baby mothers her own babies

Iran has taken big steps toward treating infertility and exploiting external fertilization to help childless families realize their dream of having a baby. 
Hashemi Rafsanjani-33

Time has come for the East to grow scientifically

Ayatollah Rafsanjani has said that Iran is the birthplace of the Islamic civilization and that it is now the turn of people in the East to help with the development of science.
Cédric Villani

Tehran mathematics gathering (PHOTOS)

Photos of a fourth Meeting on Contemporary Mathematics in Tehran where French mathematician and a Fields award winner answered questions by Iranian university students.

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