Monday, December 5, 2022

Iranian Nano-Firms Seeking Market Share in East Asia

Iranian nano-companies operating in the field of water are seeking to secure a share of the lucrative market in East Asia.

Three Iranian firms were among the exhibitors at the Aquatech China 2018 where they put on display their latest products and services in a bid to expand their sphere of activities in East Asia.

One of the three is a company producing water purification nano-systems.

Among the achievements of the company is the development of apparatuses producing nano-powder and nano-coloidal metal using the “electric explosion” method, ISNA reported.

The company has also managed to produce nano-emulsion and homogenization machines, which has been praised by different industries, including those dealing with refining water and treating waste, food and pasteurization, pharmaceuticals, paint and polymer, as well the oil and petrochemical industry.

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Another Iranian firm taking part in the exhibition was one which had managed to launch the production line for nano-ceramic layers. The layers are designed and developed to be used at different temperatures and under different pressure levels. They are widely used in water treatment. Dairy products companies, refineries and other industries currently use this technology.

The third Iranian firm attending the exhibit has managed to design and develop state-of-the-art industrial plasma systems by drawing on the expertise of academic and industrial experts in the field of water, waste, air and applicable plasma.

The Aquatech China 2018 held in Shanghai on May 31-June 2 brought together companies active in the domain of water, which showcased their products and services at the event.

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