Monday, December 5, 2022

Iranian Experts Use Stem Cells to Treat Corneal Burn

A group of Iranian researchers have found a treatment for corneal burns by using stem cells from the other eye.

A specialist at Royan Institute says in eye diseases many people go permanently blind due to corneal burn complications, but we have been able to restore the sight of the patient by using stem cells from the other healthy eye of the patient.

Speaking in an interview with ISNA, Dr Ahmad Vosouq said, “We hope that with the knowledge of stem cells we would be able to prevent the progression of diseases that lead to permanent blindness, and we can even treat the progression.

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Elsewhere in his statements, Dr Vosouq said Royan institute researchers have also achieved considerable success in treatment of various skin diseases, such as freckles.

“Stem cells could also be used in this case to clear up skin of the patient,” he added.

Royan is an Iranian clinical, research and educational institute dedicated to biomedical, translational and clinical research and stem cell.

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