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IS pursuing Islamophobia scenario: President Rouhani

IS claims that it represents Islam while the noble religion of Islam is against acts of terror, President Rouhani said.

Tehran-based religious site for English speakers

An English-speaking group of believers in Tehran says it aims to bring Tehran-based foreigners together and wishes to set up an English Islamic training center in Iran.

Saudis funnel gobs of money into anti-Shiite intelligence division: Prince

It has been proven to me that anyone who does not recognize a political ruler might be denounced as an unbeliever by ill-wishing scholars close to that ruler, Prince Turki bin Bandar said.

Iran calls for dialogue of religions, civilizations, cultures

The Islamic Republic of Iran has spared no effort to fight violence, terrorism and Takfiri terrorists, the culture chief said.

Candle-light ceremony on Ashura evening in Tehran (PHOTOS)

In the candle-light ceremonies people mourned the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad.

All religions are there to promote humanity: Zoroastrian priest

The aim of different religions is monotheism and they do not argue with each other over details, said the Head of Iran's Zoroastrian Mobed Council Ardeshir Khorshidian.

Candle-light ceremony on Ashura evening in northeastern Iran (PHOTOS)

In the candle-light event in Mashhad people mourned the martyrdom of the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad.

Millions of Iranian mourners mark Ashura nationwhide

With heavy hearts, the faithful have come out in their millions across Iran as well as elsewhere in the world to commemorate the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad and third Shia Imam.

Enemy intelligence services plotting to divide Muslims: Iran

Because the enemy cannot harm Islam through war, it tries to cause discord among Muslim countries through its intelligence services, Mahmoud Alavi said.

Muslim world, not Riyadh, should run Hajj: Iran’s Parliament

The MPS also called on the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to dispatch a fact-finding mission to Saudi Arabia to investigate the causes of the Mina tragedy.

Iran death toll from Mina stampede reaches 136

The Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization has announced that the number of Iranian pilgrims who died in the Mina stampede has increased to 136.

Coverage of Hajj tragedy by Iranian newspapers on September 26

Iranian newspapers on Saturday brought into focus the tragic incident in Mina on Thursday, which was the worst Hajj tragedy in 25 years.

Iran summons Saudi charge d’ affaires over Mina incident

Iran’s interior minister in a letter to his Saudi counterpart has called for full investigation into the tragic stampede incident in Mina.

Toll from Hajj stampede outside Mecca reaches 2,000: Sources

The death toll from a deadly crush during Hajj pilgrimage rituals in Mina, outside the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, has soared...

Saudi government responsible for Mina tragedy: Ayatollah Rafsanjani

Ayatollah Rafsanjani has said that Saudi officials in charge of [maintaining] order in Hajj rituals are responsible for the incident near Mecca and should be answerable to the Islamic world.

Iran’s President Rouhani orders task force to address Mina disaster

Among its objectives, the task force would have to send over aid teams, if needed, and dispatch aircraft to Saudi Arabia in order to assist the pilgrims and the wounded.

Iran declares 3-day national mourning over Mecca deaths

The Saudi government should meet its obligations in compliance with the rule of righteousness and fairness, the leader said.

Number of Iranian victims of Saudi stampede rises to 47

The head of the Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization said that the Saudi officials had blocked two ways leading to the stoning point, thus causing the stampede.

US policies, Israel crimes key problems for Muslims: Leader

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has released a message to Hajj pilgrims stressing the importance of the annual ritual.

Iran’s space scientist killed in Mecca crane collapse

The Saudi government should have made the necessary preparations to safeguard the lives of the pilgrims in Mecca, Ali Larijani said.

Iranian President Rouhani wishes Jews happy Rosh Hashana

May our shared Abrahamic roots deepen respect and bring peace and mutual understanding,” the Iranian president said in a tweet.

Muhammad, in the eyes of two world-famous cinema figures

Majid Majidi’s movie on the life of the Prophet Muhammad has been acclaimed by cinematic and non-cinematic figures.

Islam religion of peace, friendship: Majidi

Iranian director Majid Majidi has said that Muhammad aims to correct misconceptions about Islam in the world.

Leader decries schemes to create rifts among Muslims

The Supreme Leader has said that Hajj symbolizes convergence among Muslim nations and is the real symbol of Islamic rapport and empathy.

Leader’s letter outstanding model for dialogue with Western youth

Despite the Western media's technological advantage, Muslim media can tap into the privileges of conformity and honesty to get their message across.

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