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Siberian tiger10

Siberian tiger returns to zoo after quarantine (PHOTOS)

Officials with the Veterinary Organization have eventually given the Siberian tiger the all clear to return to the zoo.

Muslims of all creeds reject terrorist ideology: Larijani

Muslims of all creeds worldwide have repeatedly denounced the Takiri terrorists' acts of violence and distanced themselves from the terrorists
Air pollution400_B

Air pollution in Tehran (PHOTOS)

The level of particles 2.5 micrometers or less in size was seven times the level deemed acceptable by the World Health Organization.
Internet conference

New determination to end US monopoly of the Internet

Many Western countries participating in the Wuzhen summit stressed the need for serious confrontation with cybercrimes and cyber-terrorism, the Iranian communications minister said.
Medicinal leeches-5-

Medicinal leeches (PHOTOS)

Northern Iran is ideal for breeding these creeping blood suckers.
Ali Akbar Salehi

Ali Akbar Salehi on Nature’s “Ten people who mattered this year” list

Salehi is described as fiercely loyal to his country, but also a voice of reason to whom negotiators could appeal in times of crisis.

A message from Darul Quran to Al-Azhar

In a letter to Egyptian religious figures, a Koranic center in Iran has said that the Koran is the divine reference for all Muslims, advising Islamic nations against making a strategic mistake in telling friends from foes.

Female leopard fitted with GPS tracking neckband (PHOTOS)

Unlike the previous four, the leopard is a three-year female weighing in at 40 kg.
Mohaghegh Damad

Valuable legislation, meritorious enforcers

An Iranian Shiite cleric has said that the country needs to reverse the decline in ethical values before it becomes too late.
Wall of Compassion00

Wall of Compassion in Shiraz (PHOTOS)

People hang their excessive clothes on the wall for the poor and needy to collect directly.

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