President Rouhani visits disabled war veteran (PHOTOS)

The president said the patience of veterans such as Hossein Azadbakht serves as a lesson for members of the public and officials.

Iran, Saudi Arabia seem to avoid hasty decisions

Tehran’s reaction to the Saudi embassy incident in Tehran shows that Iran seeks to avoid a new crisis in the conflict-hit Middle East region.

Tehran underlines the security of Saudi diplomatic missions in Iran

Tehran police have made a few arrests outside the Saudi embassy in the capital, urging people to pursue their protest at the execution of Sheikh Nimr through legal channels.

Revolution Guards general thanks president for missile order

Efforts by the US to keep oil prices low with the help of its regional mercenaries in the coming months are part of another plot hatched by the US, the secretary of the Expediency Council said.
Jaber Ansari-6

FM spokesman: Iran will respond to US measures against its defense plans

The Foreign Ministry spokesman has said that Tehran has warned the US administration that Iran's missile program has nothing to do with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Why are there 40 contenders for each parliamentary seat?

This registration is unprecedented, especially at a time when educational and scientific requirements for parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections put a cap on the number of contenders.

Iran seizes 422 tons of illicit drugs in eight months

The volume of illicit drugs seized has registered a 21 percent rise in the eight months to December 22 compared with corresponding period last year.
Iran Deal

JCPOA would be over before it ever began if …

Alef, a principlist Iranian news website, has suggested that the eleventh government’s possible tolerance of the US breach of the Iran nuclear deal is unacceptable.
Jaber Ansari

Iran dismisses Arab League claims as biased, unconstructive

Despite the unfriendly stance of some countries, Iran will continue to play a constructive role in easing tensions and defusing crises, the Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

Iran’s air marshal service among best: Commander

Brigadier General Ali Asghar Gorjizadeh said Iran has one of the safest skies in the world and ICAO has inspected Iran's aviation facilities three times, giving them top marks.

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