Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Iran dismisses claims of rights violations in US report

Tehran has slammed US allegations of civil rights violations in Iran, saying the charges come as the US sees the highest number of human rights violations against people of color and widespread protests against such abuses.

Iran has categorically rejected the allegations of civil rights violations raised against the Islamic Republic in a recent report by the US State Department, stressing its commitment to respecting human rights.

Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham on Friday slammed the State Department’s claims as “repetitive,” saying the report was drafted at a time when the US sees the highest number of human rights violations against people of color and widespread protests against such abuses, and while Washington’s allies are busy committing heinous crimes against their own people.

Afkham made the remarks after the US State Department issued an annual report on human rights conditions in the world in 2014 on Thursday, accusing Iran – among other countries, including Russia and China – of restricting civil liberties.

She further said police brutality, widespread discrimination against African-Americans, a crackdown on religious minorities as well as Washington’s unconditional support for Israel’s crimes are among the numerous cases of human rights violations in the US, which have drawn criticism from major international rights institutions.

Afkham called on Washington to assume its own domestic responsibilities instead of interfering in the affairs of other countries under the pretext of advocating human rights.

She also termed the instrumental use of issues like human rights and the fight against terrorism as a great challenge facing the international community.

“It is completely clear that such reports, which are prepared with certain objectives, serve as leverage for exerting pressure and bargaining as well as excuses for meddling in the domestic affairs of the other states,” she said.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry official also censured Washington for threatening to keep in place the sanctions imposed against the Islamic Republic over human rights issues, saying such bans are “illegitimate and lack legal standing.”

Afkham underscored that the Iranian government abides by its domestic and international commitments and makes efforts to upgrade the rights of its citizens on the basis of the sublime Islamic values and regardless of the claims made in such reports.

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