Nature and Wildlife

Upside-Down Tulips in Mourpiseh Plain 3

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Upside-Down Tulips in Mourpiseh Plain

The upside-down Tulip is a unique wild flower species native to Iran’s mountainous regions.
Water Level of Urmia Lake Rises by 25 Percent

Heavy Rainfalls Create 50 New Lakes across Iran

The heavy rainfalls of the past two months in Iran have resulted in the formation of about 50 new lakes that did not exist before.
Valley of Judas Trees in Kurdistan 2

Iran’s Nature in Photos: Valley of Judas Trees in Kurdistan

The valley of Judas trees is a must-see site located alongside the Sirvan River in Kurdistan province, western Iran.
Spring in Hanam, Lorestan 16

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Spring in Hanam, Lorestan

Lorestan province in western Iran is known for its pristine nature, which is quite stunning during spring. What follows are Tasnim News Agency’s photos of...
Dam in Iran Full after Water Crisis

In Pictures: Kebar Dam Full to Capacity

Located near the city of Qom, central Iran, Kebar Dam is considered to be one of the oldest arched dams in the world.
Stunning nature of western Iran

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Beautiful Nature of Ilam

Ilam province in southwestern Iran is an area full of tourist attractions due to its beautiful nature and pleasant weather.
Echium Harvest in Golestan 5

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Echium Harvest in Golestan

Many farmers in Golestan province, northern Iran, are harvesting their echium crops these days.
Beautiful Nature of Iran

Dehdez; A Hidden Paradise in Southwest of Iran

Dehdez, a city in Izeh County of Khuzestan Province in the southwest of Iran, is considered as a hidden and lesser known region of the region.
Kharg Island, Persian Gulf

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Kharg Island

Kharg, also spelled Khark, is a residential island of economic importance located in the Persian Gulf in Iran's territorial waters.
Tulip Festival of Mashhad 1

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Tulip Festival of Mashhad

As in previous years, the Municipality of Mashhad in northeastern Iran has planted tulips in the city's parks, including Mellat Park, at the beginning of spring.