Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Iran’s Maranjab desert mirage: Snowflakes grace unlikely landscape

In a captivating twist of nature's whimsy, Maranjab desert, typically known for its arid terrain, has recently hosted an unexpected guest – snow.

Situated north of Aran and Bidgol city in the central Iranian province of Isfahan, Maranjab’s usual sea of sand now boasts a pristine white coat, turning the desolate expanse into a breathtaking winter scene.

Bordered by salt lakes, deserts and Kavir National Park, Maranjab’s unique geography is a canvas for this meteorological marvel.

The average height of 850 meters above open water only enhances the picturesque transformation.

Locals and visitors alike are relishing this rare phenomenon, as the snow-covered dunes redefine the essence of Maranjab, showcasing the sublime beauty hidden beneath its usually sun-soaked surface.

Nature’s poetic intervention has turned Maranjab into an unexpected winter oasis, leaving observers in awe of the desert’s newfound charm.

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