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Iran's Nature in Photos: Plain of Chamomiles

Iran’s Nature in Photos: Plain of Chamomiles

Chamomile flowers grow every year from early May to late June in Fandoqloo forest of Namin, northwestern Iran.
Flower Garden of Isfahan

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Flower Garden of Isfahan

The flower garden of Isfahan can be a new experience for the tourists who mainly come to see the historical attractions of the city.
Rosewater Extraction

Qamsar, Hub of Rosewater Extraction in Iran

Special ceremonies are annually held in central Iran where rosewater is extracted and babies are rolled through rose petals to stay immune to disease.
Iran's Wildlife

Iran’s Wildlife in Photos: Persian Fallow Deer

Persian fallow deer is an endangered species which has been reproducing in the wildlife sanctuary of Dasht-e-Naz in northern Iran for more than 50 years.
Salt Mines in Garmsar

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Salt Mines of Garmsar

The salt mines of Garmsar are an important natural resource and tourist attraction in Semnan province, central Iran.
Iran's Nature in Photos: Gorgan Forests

Iran’s Nature in Photos: Gorgan Forests

Mother Nature certainly appreciates the opportunity provided by the coronavirus pandemic in this beautiful spring season, as weeks of lockdown protected it from human damages.
Nature of Northeastern Iran 5

North Khorasan; A Treasure Trove of Tourist Attractions

North Khorasan province in northeastern Iran has turned into a tourist destination thanks to its numerous attractions and mainly temperate, mountainous climate.
Mughan Plain

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Mughan Plain

Full of stunning natural landscapes, Mughan Plain is located in Ardabil province, north-western Iran.
Mehrabkooh Mountain 18

Iran’s Nature in Photos: Mehrabkooh Mountain

Mehrabkooh is the name of a mountain with interconnected soaring cliffs in Lorestan province, western Iran.
Alborz Tulip Farms

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Alborz Tulip Farms

A village named Kondor located on the foothills of the Alborz Mountain Chain along the road connecting Tehran to Chalus is home to one of the biggest tulip farms of the country.