Iran’s Wetlands; Habitat of Migratory Birds in Cold Season

Thanks to their suitable weather conditions and vegetation, Iranian wetlands are popular destinations for various migratory birds, especially at the beginning of the cold season.

Skygazers in Iran Eagerly Awaiting Partial Solar Eclipse

Skygazers, space fans and nature-lovers across the world are waiting to enjoy a rare phenomenon as an annular solar eclipse strikes the Middle East and Asia on Thursday December 26.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Chal-Nakhjir Cave

Chal-Nakhjir Cave is located in Delijan, a town in the central Iranian province of Markazi. The beautiful cave has speleothems – commonly known as a cave formation – which look like cauliflower.
Autumn Festival at National Garden of Tehran (9)

Autumn Festival at National Garden of Tehran

An autumn festival is being held during the season’s last days in Tehran’s National Garden, a historical area dating back to Qajar era.
Iran’s Beauties in Photos Autumn in Golestan Forest (26)

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Autumn in Golestan Forest

Golestan Forest, the oldest registered national park of Iran and a unique wildlife sanctuary, is located in the country’s northeast.
African Lion Cubs Arrive in Iran

African Lion Cubs Arrive in Iran

An African lion cub, Hir, and lioness cub Dena, have arrived in Iran. They are kept at a specially protected center in Alborz Province.
Migratory Birds in Iran’s Miankaleh Peninsula (27)

Migratory Birds in Iran’s Miankaleh Peninsula

Known as “the birds’ paradise”, Miankaleh in the northern Iranian province of Mazandaran attracts many migratory birds every year.
Iran’s Beauties in Photos Kariz Underground City (7)

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Kariz Underground City

Kish Island in the Persian Gulf, south of Iran, is home to a set of ancient aqueducts which date back to 2,500 years ago.
Autumn Leave under Snow

Tehran Citizens Surprised by First Autumn Snowfall

The first snowfall of autumn has blanketed many provinces of Iran, including the capital, Tehran, where citizens and officials have been surprised alike.
Gorgeous Desert Lake Created in Hottest Spot on Earthvideo

Lut Desert Gorgeous Lake in Hottest Spot on Earth

The flooding which struck Iran's southeastern Kerman province in early spring this year has created a beautiful lake in the heart of Lut Desert regarded as the hottest spot on earth.