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‘Bagshy’ Turkmen Musicians

Baghshy are traditional musicians in the north-east of Iran who have helped classical Turkmen music to survive to this day. Their mystical music, stemming...

Iranian Singer Habib Mohebian Passes Away

Iranian vocalist Habib Mohebian, popularly known as Habib, died on Friday June 10 at the age of 63.

Tehran Symphony Orchestra

Tehran Symphony Orchestra, as seen in this June 6 concert, were led by new conductor Shahrdad Rouhani. They performed Sergei Rachmaninov’s 2nd Piano Concerto,...

Tehran Symphony Orchestra’s New Conductor Gives First Performance

The Tehran Symphony Orchestra performed its first concert under new conductor Shahrdad Rohani at Vahdat Hall on Wednesday May 25, after the Vienna-based Iranian maestro Ali Rahbari resigned from the orchestra in April.

Iran Launches Music Festival to Promote Environmental Conservation

Iran’s Department of the Environment has initiated a music festival with the aim of drawing public attention to the protection of the environment.

Gergiev, Top International Conductor, Invites Rahbari to Conduct St. Petersburg Orchestra

As reported by Tasnim, and translated by IFP, Valery Gergiev, the world-renowned conductor who is directly supported by Vladimir Putin, officially invited Ali Rahbari...

Saving the Earth Needs a Revolution in Environmental Protection

The Head of Department of Environment said a big revolution is needed in dealing with nature and the environment in order to save the earth and mankind.

Iran and France Hold Cultural Soiree in Shiraz

Iran and France held a cultural night in the historical city of Shiraz on the night of Apr 24.

120 French Musicians to Play at Iran’s Historical Sites

Alliance Française’s symphony orchestra will perform in Tehran, Kerman, Yazd, Shiraz, Isfahan and Kashan, under the leadership of an Iranian conductor.

Famous Iranian composer passes away at 93

Iranian well-known musician, composer and violinist Javad Lashkari died at the age of 93 on Tuesday morning.

Iranian music can safeguard against cultural onslaught: Minister

Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati said that Iran's classical music is a rich treasury of the country's national and religious heritage which can uphold the traditional values against cultural offensives.

Germany’s Leipzig String Concert in Shiraz’s Vakil Historical Bath

Germany’s Leipzig String Quartet performed in the Vakil Bath cultural-historical complex in Shiraz on Sunday evening.

3-Year-Old Tanbur Player Performs at Kermanshah Province Fajr Music Festival

Today, on January 26th, Roshana will be exactly 3 years old. She is already an accomplished Tanbur player. She sometimes sings along when she...

Armenian composer: I am glad I belong to the ranks of the insane

Armenian composer Loris Tjeknavorian says that he is an Iranian musician who has based his pieces on the Iranian traditional and religious music.

Iran to host Tunisian Oud player Anouar Brahem

This will be Brahem’s second visit to Iran. His first performance during the 29th International Fajr Music festival was warmly welcomed by Iranian music lovers.

Afghan singer goes onstage in Tehran

My Homeland was the highlight of the event which moved many Afghans and non-Afghans in the audience to tears.

Oscar-winning musician highlights attention to details in movie ‘Muhammad (PBUH)’

The movie attempts to depict true features of faith, including compassion as opposed to violence and extremism, said A.R. Rahman.

Iconic Iranian vocalist Shajarian hospitalized in Tehran

Shajarian’s family has said that the 75-year-old internationally acclaimed maestro will not be receiving any visitors and will soon be discharged.

Iran and China make a cultural milestone (PHOTOS)

A joint concert by the Tehran Symphony Orchestra and the China Philharmonic Orchestra is hoped to open a new chapter in cultural ties between the two ancient nations.

Iran issues 110 work permits for foreign media

The Ministry of Culture said that it would immediately examine other requests by foreign media outlets for temporary and permanent work permits in the Islamic Republic.

Iran’s National Orchestra back on stage

Iran's National Orchestra, led by Farhad Fakhreddini, has resumed its performance after years of absence.

Ayeneh-Dar Regional and Ritual Music Festival (PHOTOS)

Tehran’s Rudaki Hall has played host to over 120 musicians from across the country for a second edition of Ayeneh-Dar Regional and Ritual Music Festival.

Iranian rock band Piclavier raises awareness for Palestine

The five-member rock band, Piclavier, has recently received official permission to perform its first live gig.

Alborz Symphony Orchestra observes liberation of Khorramshahr with FM in attendance (PHOTOS)

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif attends a performance by the Alborz Symphony Orchestra to mark the anniversary of the liberation of Khorramshahr.

Iranian maestro Ali Rahbari invited to conduct New York City orchestra

Ali Rahbari, the conductor of Iran's National Symphony Orchestra, has been invited to serve as chief conductor of Youth Philharmonic Orchestra.

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