A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on April 6

Iran Newspaper front pages

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of newspapers on Wednesday and picked headlines from 22 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.


  1. US not to let Iran banks access US financial system
  2. Zarif meets Lavrov in Baku
  3. Azerbaijan threatens to target central Karabakh
  4. Russia says will deliver first S-300 missile system to Iran
  5. Rouhani honours self-sacrificing teacher
  6. Iran says ready to help solve Karabakh conflict


  1. Iran unveils 12 nuclear achievements
  2. Government spokesman: Some sanctions not related to nuclear deal
  3. White House reacts to seized Iranian vessel
  4. Kerry: Iran has met nuclear commitments


  1. Intelligence Minister criticizes domestic downplaying of JCPOA
  2. Gen. Jafari: IRGC ready to counter any Saudi misbehaviour
  3. Gov’t spokesman: It appears admin’s achievements will not be acknowledged
  4. Rafsanjani calls for fair criticism instead of unscrupulous accusations
  5. Mogherini: Yemen ceasefire by Sunday
  6. Iran’s state-run, oil-based economic challenges: Minister

Arman-e Emruz:

  1. Squandering in recent years regrettable
  2. 60 divorce files for every 100 marriages
  3. IRGC Cmdr.: JCPOA never an honourable document


  1. Anti-Rouhani attacks use slogan “4-year government”

A report reviews efforts to insinuate that the Rouhani administration will be the only one-term administration since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

  1. Political tug-of-war in runoff elections
  2. Shaky truce in Karabakh


  1. Pensioner purchasing power reduced by 67% under Ahmadinejad
  2. Aftermath of major global corruption revelations
  3. Nobakht: 667,000 jobs created last year (ended March 19)
  4. Tehran, Ankara, Baku agree to counter regional terrorism, separatism, conflicts
  5. Judiciary receives 15m cases annually
  6. Iran stiffens penalties for violators of goods and services standards


  1. Administration considers Isfahan election case

Minou Khaleghi, a parliamentary candidate in Isfahan constituency, was disqualified to run in the election even after she won enough votes to make her way to the assembly.

  1. Aref: Reformists must win at least 40 seats in runoff parliamentary elections
  2. JCPOA has and will never be regarded as an honourable document


  1. Cities with 60% divorce rate
  2. 2m tourists visit attractions in northern Tehran
  3. Queiroz bids fans farewell for good
  4. 1,000 cities without theatres [in Iran]


  1. Nuclear deal a national decision: MP
  2. Mediation in Ramsar for Karabakh Conflict
  3. Presser unveiled 4 production-boosting plans



Payam Zaman:

  1. Nobakht: 92% of Iran budget plan realized

Iran maintains 6mt of wheat in stocks

  1. Iran, Airbus deal finalized in May
  2. Iran’s focus on pharmaceutical development in line with resistive economy
  3. VP: Economic progress hinges on hopeful atmosphere
  4. IRGC Chief: JCPOA minimized version of Iranian nation’s rightful demands




  1. Dollar surfing post-sanction waves in Iran
  2. Who will be top Iranian revolutionary artist?

The paper has selected three top cinematic figures as nominees for being awarded the title of top Islamic Revolution artists in the country during the previous calendar year which ended March 19.



Jomhouri Islami:

  1. Boeing talks more serious
  2. Iran signs deal with Renault
  3. US, Israel and Arab reactionaries close ranks against Palestine
  4. JCPOA reduced pressure on Islamic Republic
  5. Saudi Arabia has 3rd biggest military expenditure
  6. Iran to unveil 12 nuclear achievements
  7. Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan to form strategic committee




  1. 7,000 production firms inactive in Iran: Government spokesman
  2. JCPOA neither honourable, nor extendable: IRGC chief
  3. Anti-Russia proxy war of Turkey in Karabakh




  1. Iranian missiles stronger, more destructive: Gen. Jafari
  2. White House Spokesman: US to confront Iran
  3. Karabakh conflict ends after 4 days
  4. 7,000 idle production firms in Iran
  5. Inspector: 13 glitches in IPC deals



Rah-e Mardom:

  1. Report: Will housing market move out of recession in 1395?
  2. Tehran to overhaul southern sectors over 10 years
  3. Enemies used sanctions target Iran oil exports: Intelligence Minister




  1. Saleh: Negotiators anxious themselves
  2. Javad Larijani: Involving western economics is no solution for saving Iran

Iran must be focused on domestic nuclear capabilities

US seeking to destroy Iran’s missile might, alter its foreign policy preferences, and topple the Islamic Republic

  1. Israel has killed 27,000 Palestinian children




  1. Nation reluctantly endorsed JCPOA: IRGC chief
  2. Veteran director opens eyes
  3. Iran and US in talks over dollar




  1. Chief: IRGC does not welcome confrontation
  2. World shocked by big revelations



Sahib Ghalam:

  1. First Iran oil tanker calls at African port




  1. Baku and Yerevan agree to ceasefire
  2. Oil $120/b without JCPOA
  3. Nuclear sanctions being removed: Nobakht



Vatan Emruz:

  1. Youngest hacker arrested
  2. Iran missiles more destructive and precise than ever: IRGC



Abrar Eqtesadi:

  1. US hints at dollar transactions with Iranian banks
  2. Iran sets conditions for building refineries in foreign countries
  3. Boeing officials coming to Tehran to sell planes




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