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Iran media: Tehran, IAEA agreement on safeguard issues by July

The visit to Tehran by IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi comes as negotiations in Vienna for the revival of the JCPOA are in their final days. According to Iranian officials, during this visit, past issues related to nuclear safeguards were discussed and the two sides agreed to resolve this issue by July, which was also covered by Iranian media.


1. Grossi: Without Iran and IAEA reaching an agreement, any possibility of JCPOA materializing is wrong

2. Eslami after meeting with Grossi: Alleged cases should be closed for good

Abrar Newspaper-6 March 2022


1. Eslami in joint presser with Grossi: Political lobbying should not affect IAEA decisions

Afkar Newspaper-6 March 2022

Aftab Yazd:

1. Moscow: First guarantees, then signing

. Unexpected remarks by Russian foreign minister to US in nuclear talks extra time

Aftabe Yazd Newspaper-6 March 2022

Arman Melli:

1. Details of Iran, IAEA agreement:

. Decision was made for Iran to give written response to IAEA questions on 3 sites

. IAEA confirmed Iran’s peaceful activities

Amane Melli Newspaper-6 March 2022


1: Resolving disagreements toward a final agreement?

. Grossi visit directly affect Vienna talks

Ebtekar Newspaper-6 March 2022

Donyaye Eghtesad:

1. Iran, IAEA roadmap for resolution of disagreements

Donyaye Eghtesad Newspaper-6 March 2022


1. Rafael Grossi in response to Etemad: IAEA will not bow down to foreign pressure

Etemad Newspaper-6 March 2022


1. Negotiations in Tehran, progress in Vienna

Hamshahri Newspaper-6 March 2022


1. Iran initiative, end to IAEA allegations

Iran Newspaper-6 March 2022

Jame Jam:

1. End to nuclear file close at hand?

Jaame Jam Newspaper-6 March 2022


1. Agreement with IAEA eliminated West’s pretexts

Javan Newspaper-6 March 2022

Jomhouri Eslami:

1. Revival of JCPOA in final station

. Safeguard agreements between Iran and IAEA

Jomhoori Eslami Newspaper-6 March 2022


1. Revival of JCPOA without removal of sanctions means sheer damage

Keyhan Newspaper-6 March 2022


1. Vienna waiting for safeguards opening

Khorasan Newspaper-6 March 2022

Siasate Rouz:

1. Tehran demand: IAEA ridding itself from political lobbying

Siasate Rooz Newspaper-6 March 2022

Setareh Sobh:

1. Impact of IAEA director general’s visit

. Reduction in Dollar exchange rate, rise in stock exchange index

Setare Sobh Newspaper-6 March 2022

Vatane Emrouz:

1. Three twists in the agreement

. China and Russia also seek written guarantee from US for security of economic ties with Iran

Vatane Emrooz Newspaper-6 March 2022

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