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2 Herbal Teas to Protect Yourself against Coronavirus

While a novel coronavirus originating from China has infected thousands of people around the world, an Iranian Health Ministry official has introduced two herbal teas as a natural way to strengthen the body's immune system.

An official at the Health Ministry’s Iranian Medicine Office says the expert recommendations made by the office and the other specialists in traditional medicine for containing the coronavirus should be taken into account.

In an interview with ISNA, Dr. Alireza Abbasian provided the recipe for two herbal teas which he said will boost the body’s immune system.

The physician, however, noted that no approach would be more useful to combat the contagious diseases than realizing the importance of personal hygiene.

Two easy-to-make herbal teas that could be prepared at home to strengthen the body’s defence amid the outbreak of COVID-19 include seeds of Lallemantia, Plantago major, thyme, and liquorice, he explained.

The first drink, consisting of steeped seeds of Lallemantia and Plantago major, could be drunk with some rosewater and saffron.

To make this herbal tea, you need to pour a teaspoonful of Lallemantia seeds and a teaspoon of Plantago major seeds into a glass three-quarters full of water and a quarter filled with rose water. Wait for half an hour and let the seeds become gooey and gelatinous. Add a pinch of ground saffron to the mixture and stir it. Your drink is ready. You can sip it after adding some natural honey. A full glass of such drink could be taken up to three times a day for the adults.

The recipe for the other herbal tea is as follows:

Put a spoonful of thyme leaves, a teaspoon of powdered liquorice root, and five jujube fruits in a teapot and pour a glass of boiling water into it. Stew the mixture for 15 minutes over a low heat. Drink the tea warm after pouring it into a sieve. Adults can drink this tea twice a day.

Dr. Abbasian finally recommended that people with high blood pressure should refrain from having liquorice more than 3 or 4 times a week.

He also added that the children over the age of 7 can take those herbal teas half the amount mentioned in the recipe, while the kids between 2 and 7 can drink as much as a third or fourth of that amount.

The infants under the age of 2 can take only two to four spoonfuls of the mixtures a day, he noted.

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