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Tehran’s Towers: How Iranian Capital Embraced Bold Architecture

Desde la torre icónica de Azadi (Libertad), que fue testigo de una revolución, de una guerra de ocho años y de concentraciones e innumerables protestas. A la elegante del museo de arte contemporáneo o del teatro de la ciudad de Teherán le ha sido durante mucho tiempo, el hogar de una gama de edificios contemporáneos y extravagantes, pero distintivamente iraníes.

Historic Kalantari Bazaar in Tehran

Most of the businessmen in Kalantari Bazaar, an ancient trading district in Grand Bazaar of the Iranian capital city of Tehran, are selling domestic products.      
Theatre Festival

16th “Mobarak” Int’l Puppet Theatre Festival Opens in Tehran

The 16th edition of Tehran International Mobarak Puppet Theatre Festival kicked off on Monday, August 22, in Tehran. The festival, which will be open to visitors until August 28, features a total of 27 Iranian...

Kite Festival in Tehran’s Milad Tower

Flying Kites Festival was held in front of the iconic Milad Tower in the Iranian capital of Tehran on Monday afternoon. Here are IRIB News Agency’s photos of the festival:  
Architecture- Tehran

Urban Architecture of Tehran

As the capital city, Tehran was introduced with symbols of modernism sooner than other Iranian cities. Modern architecture was one of these symbols. The evolution of Tehran’s architecture from traditional to modern styles started under...
Niavaran Complex

Historical Complex of Niavaran in Tehran

The Niavaran Complex is a historical complex situated in Shemiran, north of the Iranian capital Tehran. It consists of several buildings and monuments built in the Qajar and Pahlavi eras.    

Extreme Heat in Iranian Capital

People in Tehran and many other cities of Iran are suffering from a wave of excessive heat these days. Young Journalists Club (YJC) has released photos of people in streets of Tehran, struggling with...

Suicide Attack Foiled in Tehran during Ramadan: Security Official

Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani announced on Sunday, June 19, that Iranian security forces have recently captured a group who wanted to launch a suicide attack in the capital city of Tehran during the holy Islamic month of Ramadan.

Call to Prayer Lit up on Milad Tower

A 3D Adhan (A public call to invite Muslims to perform their daily prayers) can be seen illuminated on the structure of the Milad Tower in Tehran. The illuminated text, along with other images...

Tehran Hosts 13th International Festival of Flowers

The 14th International Exhibition of Flowers, Plants, Parks Equipment and Related Industries kicked off in Goftegoo Park in Tehran on May 10, with City Council members attending. Here is a selection of photos from the...

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