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What is Bedsore?

The bedsore mostly occurs in people who have to lie in bed in a fixed position for a long time without being able to change their position.

It is one of the complications faced by people with broken bones. The bedsore develops rapidly and is difficult to treat.

What is Bedsore?Signs of Bedsore

The bedsore develops in four stages. It is not severe in the first phase, but gets worse as the disease progresses.

Phase One

In the first stage, the skin is not damaged. The skin turns red in fair-skinned people, and its color does not change to white rapidly when pressed by a finger. The skin may become painful, stiff, softer than normal, or colder/hotter than normal.

Phase Two

The epidermis is damaged. A pink or red-colored wound, and sometimes an ulcer, is formed on the skin.

Phase Three

The fat under the skin becomes visible. The wound becomes deeper, with a yellow-colored tissue at its bottom. The damage may penetrate under the skin.

Phase Four

Muscles, tendons or bones become visible as the wound becomes deeper. The wound has a dried dead tissue at the bottom. The condition spreads under the ostensibly undamaged skin as well.

Places Where Bedsore Is Formed

What is Bedsore?
Iran Unveils New Medicine for Bedsore Treatment

In those who lie in bed in a supine position for a long time, the bedsore is mostly formed in the following locations:

– Behind the head

– Behind the scapular bone

– Behind the sacrum right between the two curves of the hip

– Behind the heel

Anyone who lies in bed for a long time or sits on a wheelchair and cannot change his/her position repeatedly, should regularly check the skin in above-mentioned locations for possible signs of bedsores. Once one sees the signs, he/she should see a doctor.


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