Two Iranian girls with an interest in repairing vehicles are now learning how to become mechanics in defiance of the fact that the occupation is mostly male-dominated.

Kiana Yarahmadi, holder of a BA degree in Law, and Niloufar Farahmand, with a BA in Graphic Design, both 29 years old, have been learning how to repair cars for 5 months now.

They are friends. As they were interested in becoming mechanics, and after consulting with their families, they began to work as apprentices at a mechanic’s in Tehran.

They believe they can share their experiences with other women after receiving the necessary training.

Ali Hamooni, the owner of the mechanic’s, and his colleague Hadi believe the two girls have a flare for repairing cars.

Kiana and Niloufar even go to work on holidays to keep learning about repairing cars.

What follows are IRNA’s photos of the two girls getting trained:

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