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Taj-Mir Village; A Centre of Iranian Dolls

Taj-Mir is a village in the Central District of Sarbisheh County of Iran’s South Khorasan Province near the Afghan border. In this village, locals make such beautiful dolls that the place is now considered as the country’s hub of dolls.

Nowadays, the art of doll-making in the world is used to introduce the rich culture of the countries. During the process of making dolls, lullabies, poems and memories of the nomadic village life are introduced as well.

Dolls in Taj-Mir, known as Dotuk, are not made just for playing, but they represent the culture of local community including their clothing, makeups, stories and other native customs. In this village, men, women and children are all struggling to live a halal life, but as a result of the recent drought, the only job available for men is to guard the environment while the women and children are making their local dolls in a new style.

Taj-Mir Village; A Centre of Iranian DollsThese dolls, which are made using leftover fabrics and sheep and goats’ wool, are environment-friendly. Therefore, if the dolls are thrown away after being purchased, they will be recycled in three months.

The dolls each have a story of their own, and Elias is a teenager, who was able to create stories for them using the tales and the old local stories of the region. This has made the dolls so much popular that they are sold like hot cakes.

Currently, more than 15 households (about 45 women from Taj-Mir village) are producing local dolls. Although the main makers of these dolls are women, other family members are also involved in the making process.

Encouraging creativity, building up self-esteem, and improving life expectancy, in addition to creating jobs are among the advantages of producing Taj-Mir dolls.

The  dolls of South Khorasan have been inscribed on the List of Iran’s National Heritage and are going to be registered on the List of UNESCO World Heritage as well.

Here are the photos of Taj-Mir dolls and locals retrieved from Mehr News Agency:


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