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The latest news and views about Iran’s Lorestan province

Kotal Bandoon; A Traditional Ritual to Mourn the Dead

Kotal Bandoon is a ritual held at the time of the death of senior members and warriors of the Iranian Baktiari ethnic group coupled with a special ceremony and musical performance.

New Historical Rock Carvings Found in Western Iran

Ancient rock carvings have been newly discovered in the western Iranian province of Lorestan, according to the province’s Department of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts.

Iran’s History in Photos: Castle of Falak-ol-Aflak

The Castle of Falak ol-Aflak or Shapur Khast is a historical fortress in western Iran, dating back to the Sassanid era.

Lak Tribe Start Seasonal Migration in Western Iran

The nomadic tribe of Lak in western Iran annually travel from the warm region of Lorestan to their summer resort in Spring and begin their migration back to the winter quarter when autumn arrives.

Keeyow Lake; A Popular Resort in Heart of Khorramabad

Keeyow Lake is a very popular resort and recreational centre located in the north-west of Khorramabad, the capital of Lorestan province in western Iran.

Iran’s Nature in Photos: Mehrabkooh Mountain

Mehrabkooh is the name of a mountain with interconnected soaring cliffs in Lorestan province, western Iran.

Dead Woman Wakes Up in Mortuary in Iran

A 42-year-old Iranian woman whose heart stopped following a cardiac arrest has come back from the dead after 18 hours.

Historic Polo Field Found in Western Iran

Archeologists have discovered a historic polo field in Iran’s western province of Lorestan by unearthing the stone goal posts of the field and an inscription with a Persian poem on it.

Tarkhineh Soup; A Nutrient Iranian Dish with Yogurt

Tarkhineh (also known as Kashkineh) is a nutritious local dish cooked in many western cities of Iran.

Several Wounded as Magnitude 5.1 Quake Hits Western Iran

A magnitude-5.1 earthquake has struck Lorestan province in western Iran, leaving at least 25 people injured.