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The latest news and views about the ISIS terrorist group, also known as IS, ISIL, and Daesh

7 Peshmerga, 3 civilians killed in Daesh attack in northern Iraq

Seven Peshmerga soldiers of the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) and three civilians were killed early Friday in an attack by Daesh terrorists in northern Iraq, according to security sources.

Iraq launches nationwide military operation against Daesh

The Iraqi Army has begun a nationwide military campaign to hunt down Daesh militants across the country.

UN warns Daesh operative present across Afghanistan

The United Nations' special envoy for Afghanistan has warned that members of the Daesh terrorist group now seem to be present in all provinces of the war-torn country, and Taliban is unable to stem the terror group’s growth.

Top Daesh sniper killed in Iraq’s Kirkuk

The Iraqi Defense Ministry has confirmed the death of a prominent member of Daesh terror group in Kirkuk, with two other terrorists wounded.

Daesh claims responsibility for deadly attack on Kabul hospital

The Daesh terror group has claimed responsibility for the fatal attack that targeted Afghanistan's largest military hospital in Kabul on Tuesday.

Report: Afghan soldiers and spies joining Daesh

A growing number of US-trained Afghan soldiers and intelligence officials are joining the Daesh ranks to fight the Taliban, according to a report. The new rulers of Afghanistan have long accused Washington of funding the terror group.

Daesh kills Iraqi police forces, 13 tribal Shias

The Daesh terrorist group has killed two police members in Iraq’s Salaheddin province.

Several killed, wounded in Daesh attack in Iraq

At least 11 people were killed and more than a dozen injured late Tuesday in an attack on a village in eastern Iraq blamed on the Daesh terror group.

Daesh claims responsibility for Kandahar mosque blast

Daesh terror group has claimed responsibility for the Friday explosion at a Kandahar mosque in Afghanistan. The blast happened at a Shia mosque during Friday prayers in which scores of worshippers were killed and wounded.

Hezbollah chief: Daesh aims to ignite civil war in Afghanistan

The leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah says the Daesh terror outfit aims to stoke tensions and plunge Afghanistan into a civil war. The comment comes days after dozens were killed and wounded in a Daesh-claimed attack on a mosque in the northern Afghan city of Kunduz.