Friday, June 2, 2023


Iran Parliament receives govt. bill on confronting hijab violations

The Iranian Parliament receives a government-approved bill aimed at confronting violations of mandatory hijab, or headscarf, in public locations through fines and denial of banking services to wrongdoers.

Tehran shopping mall shut down over improper hijab 

Authorities have shut down a famous shopping mall in the north of the Iranian capital Tehran.

Ayatollah Khamenei: Removal of hijab is politically and religiously banned

Iran’s leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says removing the hijab in society in front of unrelated men is religiously and politically banned.

Man arrested for throwing yogurt on women without appropriate hijab

Authorities in Iran have arrested a man who threw yogurt at two women who entered a dairy store in Shanzid, northeastern Iran, without appropriate hijab.

Former Iranian official criticizes proposed heavy fine for hijab rule violation 

Iran’s former communications minister has criticized a parliamentary motion which would impose a fine of up to 3 billion tomans (roughly 60 thousand dollars) for women’s failure to observe the Islamic veil (hijab).

Iranian woman arrested for protesting hijab in video receives 5-year suspended sentence

Sepideh Rashno, a 28-year-old Iranian woman who was arrested on July 16 after she was filmed protesting hijab, has been sentenced to five years in suspended imprisonment and to writing a 110-page “research” paper about patriotism, her brother says.

Iranian daily: Protesters used compulsory hijab as pretext to voice greater demands

An Iranian daily says the issue of compulsory hijab in Iran served as “a pretext” for many protesters to take to the streets in the past weeks and voice three major demands, among them economic improvement, urging authorities to heed the calls.

Kayhan: 83% of women in Iran consider hijab as value

Iranian newspaper Kayhan says a recent opinion poll shows that 83 percent of women in Iran believe that hijab is a necessary dress code and does not hinder women’s social activities and freedom of action.

Larijani: Iran morality police should not get tough on ladies lax in wearing hijab

An advisor to Iran's Leader says police force should not get involved in the issues pertaining to Islamic hijab.

Iranian dailies: Hijab used as ploy to spark unrest in Iran

An Iranian principalist newspaper argues that Iran’s enemies who instigated the recent deadly protests in the country are in fact fumed over the Islamic Republic’s achievements in introducing Islamic hijab as a successful role model that challenges the modern Western civilization.

The Leader says hijab issue must be dealt with “very gracefully and logically”

The leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution says everyone should act “very gracefully, logically and away from unnecessary emotions” on the issue of hijab – the Islamic dress code -- and clear reasoning must be employed to expose the western colonialist attitude in rejection of hijab.

Iranian paper: Hijab quarrel on bus linked to bigger agenda

A recent spat between two women on a bus in the Iranian capital Tehran over their hijab that turned ugly has been serving as ammo for heated debates on social media.

Iranian daily: Dealing with flimsy hijab shouldn’t lead to social disunity

Efforts to enforce the law mandating that women in Iran wear a hijab in public should not become a matter of taste or grudge, otherwise it could lead to a bipolar society, Iran’s Etela’at daily has warned.

Iran’s Raisi rejects any arbitrary action to enforce Islamic dress code

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi renews his call for state institutions to enforce the regulations on hijab and chastity among staff members, but warns that any action to promote the Islamic dress code should lie within the country’s legal framework.

Iranian Female Neurosurgeon Performs over 500 Surgeries

An Iranian female neurosurgeon has performed some 500 operations so far and turned into one of the most professional surgeons in her field.

Iran Parliament Speaker Denounces US Arrest of Press TV Anchor

Iran’s parliament speaker has criticised the US arrest of the Iran-based journalist Marzieh Hashemi, describing it as yet another proof that Washington does not hold real respect for human rights and sees it a tool for pressurising independent states.

Iranian-Style Wedding Dress Displayed at Berlin Show

Europeans models’ enthusiasm to display the Iranian-style bridal gown is making headlines in Germany.

Culture of Hijab in Iran; From Past to Present

The Iranian community has been observing some form of Islamic dress code (hijab) since the ancient times – the Achaemenid era in particular – up to now.  

Majority of Iranians Will Vote in Favour of Hijab: MP

Deputy Speaker of Iranian Parliament says majority of Iranians will vote in favour of Hijab if a referendum is being held today.   

Int’l Federation Permits Iranian Women to Waterski with Hijab

The International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) has finally allowed Iranian women to attend Asian and international competitions while observing the Islamic dress-code (Hijab).

British PM Refuses to Wear Headscarf in Riyadh Visit

British Prime Minister Theresa May has defied Saudi Arabia’s strict custom and refused to wear a headscarf for her first meeting with the Arab country’s ruling elite.

Foreign Delegations Must Respect Iran’s Laws in Their Visits

An Iranian lawmaker criticised the anti-Iran statements made after a Swedish delegation’s official visit to Iran, stating that foreigners should act based on Iranian regulations if they have chosen to visit the country.

German DM’s Attire in Saudi Arabia Sparks Controversy

A few days after the German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for a ban on the burqa, her minister of defence has refused to wear the hijab or the abaya on an official visit to Saudi Arabia.

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