Friday, April 19, 2024

Iran Parliament receives govt. bill on confronting hijab violations

The Iranian Parliament receives a government-approved bill aimed at confronting violations of mandatory hijab, or headscarf, in public locations through fines and denial of banking services to wrongdoers.

In adopted, the bill, which was initially proposed to the administration by the Iranian Judiciary, will task Iranian law enforcement forces to notify those who remove hijab in public of their offense via text messages and other similar means, in the first stage.

If the recipient refuses to pay heed and fails to wear hijab for a second time, she will be ordered to pay one-sixth of 8 million tomans, which is the maximum amount of eighth-grade fine, and one-third of the same amount, in case of a repetition for a third time.

If the offender refuses to pay the fine within one month, the fine will double and the Central Bank will be ordered to collect the amount from her bank account. If it is not possible to collect the fine, the individual will be denied all banking services until the fine is settled.

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