Iranian daily attacks Raisi administration’s proposed hijab law

An Iranian daily has censured a motion prepared by the President Ebrahim Raisi administration to fine women who don’t wear their hijab properly or to close down businesses that offer goods and services to those women.

An article on Shargh Daily said the motion was based on the simplistic assumption that people make financial calculations when it comes to all matters and seek to increase their benefits and decrease their costs, thus, faced with a potential fine, they would automatically decide to wear their hijab properly.

“It is really weird that such plans are devised in the country’s decision-making system,” the article read.

Given the economic pressures and the recent sex tape scandals involving government officials, the article said, “there is practically no social capital to exert such restrictions” as those in the administration’s proposed law.

Furthermore, the motion allows “arbitrary treatment” when it comes to deciding what type of hijab is proper and what type isn’t, it added.

“The ratification and implementation of this law will probably produce criminals in their millions,” Shargh wrote.

“Can a law that targets such a heavy mass of people for punishment find the opportunity to be carried out at all?”

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