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The latest news and views about the security of Iranian borders

Iraq Reopens Border Crossing with Iran ahead of Arba’een

The Khosravi border crossing between Iran and Iraq reopened on Friday, more than six years after a terrorist attack led to its closure.

Iraq’s Interior Minister in Iran for Arba’een Coordination

Iraqi Interior Minister has arrived in Tehran to discuss issues related to Arba'een, one of the world's largest religious gatherings annually held at the fortieth day after the martyrdom of third Shiite Imam, Hussein ibn Ali (AS).

IRGC Seizes Foreign Vessel in Persian Gulf for Smuggling Fuel

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has seized another foreign vessel in the Persian Gulf containing 700,000 litres of smuggled fuel, an IRGC official announced on Sunday.

Iranian, Qatari Coast Guards to Hold Talks amid PG Tensions

The 15th joint meeting of the Coast Guard of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Qatar will be held in Tehran on Sunday, August 4, to develop field cooperation and strengthen good neighbourliness.

Two IRGC Forces Killed in Shootout with Terrorists

Two Iranian security forces have been killed in a shootout with terrorists in the southeast of the country along the Pakistani border.

Pakistan, Iran Discuss Border Security in Islamabad

The second session of Pakistan-Iran Higher Border Commission (HBC) was held in Islamabad on 18 July 2019.

IRGC Clashes with Terrorist Cell in Northwestern Iran

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps says it has dismantled a terrorist cell affiliated with the “global arrogance” that intended to infiltrate into the northwestern borders of the country.

US Sanctions Hindering Fight against Narcotics: Iran

Iran’s Foreign Minister Moammad Javad Zarif says the US and certain western countries are hindering the fight against narcotics, and thus are responsible for the consequences.

‘Europe Not Doing Enough to Help Iran Fight Narcotics’

Iran says it is paying a very high cost in its years-long war on drugs and the smuggling of narcotics from Afghanistan, but the Europeans are not contributing enough.

Iran Strongly Condemns Attack on Hotel in Pakistan’s Gwadar

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has strongly denounced a deadly terrorist attack on a hotel in the Pakistani port city of Gwadar.

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