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The latest news and views about the security of Iranian borders

Terror cell dismantled before assassination plots in Iran

Iranian intelligence operatives have dismantled a terrorist cell in the country’s northwest.

Iranian Flotilla Accomplished Mission amid Enemy Campaigns: Top Cmdr.

The commander of the Iranian Army has lauded the 75th Flotilla of the Naval Force of the Iranian Army for having accomplished its months-long mission in the high seas.

Iran’s Leader Congratulates Flotilla on Accomplishment of Mission

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Leader has congratulated a flotilla of the Naval Force of the Iranian army on having successfully accomplished its mission.

Iran army chief: Israel committing suicide in fear of death

Iran’s Army Commander Brigadier General Seyyed Abdolrahim Mousavi has hit back at Israeli regime and military officials after they claimed Iran’s presence in Syria has decreased.

IRGC eliminates terrorist cell in western border town

Iranian armed forces have eliminated a terrorist cell in the western Kurdistan Province bordering Iraq.

Top Iran commander: US Afghan withdrawal Humiliating Defeat

The chairman of the general staff of Iran’s armed forces says the US withdrawal from Afghanistan was a humiliating defeat.

All Iran-Afghanistan Border Crossings Open: Customs Administration

The Iranian Customs Administration says all of the country’s customs checkpoints on the border with Afghanistan are open and trade is ongoing with the neighbouring country.

Iran Calls for ‘Lasting Peace’ between Azerbaijan, Armenia

Iran has voiced concern over the ongoing sporadic border clashes between border guards of the Azerbaijan Republic and Armenia.

Iran Says Ready to React amid Taliban Presence on Eastern Borders

Iran’s government spokesman says the country is ready to react, if need be, amid the presence of Taliban forces along the Afghan-Iranian borders.

Security Prevails along Iran’s Borders with Afghanistan: Commander

IRGC Ground Force Commander says there is no security problem along Iran's common border with Afghanistan despite the recent developments in the neighbouring state.