Sunday, June 23, 2024

Two Iranian border guards killed in clashes with Taliban forces

Two Iranian border guards have been killed in an exchange of fire with Afghanistan’s Taliban forces near a border post between the two countries, amid escalating tensions over Kabul’s violations of Tehran’s water rights.

On Saturday, the Taliban opened fire on the Iranian side at the Sasouli border post, promoting the Iranian forces to respond, IRNA reported.

Two Iranian civilians were also injured in the clashes, which lasted for a few hours.

According to a statement by Iran’s Border Police Command, heavy losses were inflicted on the Taliban in the clashes.

It said the Taliban began to shoot at the Iranian side while turning a blind to the “good-neighborliness principle” and were faced with a “decisive response” on the part of the Iranian guards.

When the Taliban first opened fire, they were given warnings to respect border protocols, but the clashes continued as they refused to pay heed, the statement added.

Tensions have been running high between Iran and Afghanistan over the latter’s refusal to allow Tehran access to its share of water from Helmand River in violation of a 1973 treaty.

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