Thursday, June 13, 2024

Army official: Some neighbors made Iran borders unsafe

The commander of the southeastern headquarters of the Iranian Army says more than 80 percent of Iran’s borders are unsafe and some governments threaten the Islamic establishment now and then under the influence of the policies of arrogant powers.

Brigadier General Amir Gholamalian said the Army is a factor in affecting regional equations.

He said Iran never takes the Zionist regime’s threats seriously because it does not consider this regime powerful enough to pose a threat to the Islamic Republic.

General Gholamalian added that Iran is preparing itself to deal with the US’s threats and that officials have worked out a strategy for this purpose.

He said the US is aware that if it makes a miscalculation like it did in 1980 and covets Iran’s borders, the Army will come down on the enemy like a ton of bricks and will deal a heavy blow to them.

Gholamalian stressed that Iran’s strategic depth has gone farther compared to several years ago.

He warned that in terms of missile and drone might, Iran cannot be compared with what it was in the past and it is capable of hitting the farthest bases of the enemy using its homegrown weapons.

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