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Stem Cells Used to Make Skin Young Again

An Iranian company has devised a method whereby stem cells are used for skin rejuvenation and repairing damaged skin.

Finding a proper treatment for wrinkles and scars left behind as a result of acne and skin problems has always been an issue of interest to dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

The human skin is a major source for the extraction of stem cells. Stem cells are the best option for cellular therapy as they have high capability for proliferation and distinction.

Surveys show that all body tissues contain stem cells which can turn into cells making up that very tissue, and can multiply whenever it is needed.

Accordingly, the newest technique is to use the stem cells of the person’s skin as a filling material capable of reproduction as well as producing collagen, which is the key substance needed to keep skin young. First, fibroblast cells, whose main function is to produce collagen, is extracted from a small part of the patient’s skin and is cultured in a special environment. Then the reproduced cells are reproduced again and re-injected into the areas where the skin is damaged such as wrinkles or scars left behind due to wounds or acne or skin damage.

At the place of the injection, the fibroblast begins to produce collagen and fill the damaged part, something which has been confirmed by electron microscopes.

This technique is used in only a few countries, and has been successfully applied by an Iranian knowledge-based company named Celltech Pharmed.

Stem Cells Used to Make Skin Young AgainIn this method, cells produce collagen gradually; so, the result can be observed in the long run. This method is, in fact, a self-adaptive cellular method, the cells belong to person himself/herself and, as a result, the individual’s immune system is not provoked. The odds of having a successful treatment in this method are between 70% and 90%. This treatment method is used as the last resort in cases patients show resistance to treatment.

In cellular therapy, first a small piece of the patient’s skin is removed. Then, melanocyte cells are extracted after certain reactions and cultured in a special environment. The melanocytes are cultured on a special plate, and then the layer of cultured melanocyte cells are placed onto the location of the skin damage

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Another application of cellular therapy is to culture keratinocytes cells at the location of wounds caused by different diseases. Given that keratinocytes are multiplied during the process of repairing the wound and covers the skin, using cultured keratinocytes can prevent infections, keep the wound wet and expedite the trend of healing the wound.

The devising of such methods is a sign of a brighter future for patients suffering from skin diseases as well as those who would like to make their skin young again as this method could be an effective and lasting treatment.

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