Social Distancing Plan Key to Fighting Coronavirus: Iran President

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Iran’s president has underlined the necessity of implementing the national social distancing plan to help contain the coronavirus outbreak.

Hassan Rouhani said Saturday the enforcement of the plan will be in the interest of everyone.

He further thanked people for their cooperation in implementing the social distancing program, which requires them to stay at home and not go on trips.

The president underlined that stricter measures have been put in place in the second week of the two-week Persian New Year holidays to restrict non-essential travel and make people stay in their homes.

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He noted that anybody confirmed to have contracted the disease is required to isolate himself from society and put himself under quarantine.

The president further said at all supermarkets and health centres are up and running, and offering services to the public.

He then drew a comparison between Iran and other countries when it comes to countering the pandemic.

“The infrastructure and pillars of the country’s health system is so strong that even if this disease is supposed to reach a peak, our health system and doctors and nurses are ready for treatment, and the Iranian nation should take pride in their medical staff,” he said.

“It is right that we are gripped by the coronavirus, but unity, solidarity, kindness and brotherhood have spread across the society,” he noted.

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