Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Iran tourism: Shidvar, “Iran’s Maldives” in the Persian Gulf

Among the beautiful southern islands of Iran is one called Shidvar which is located in Hormozgan Province along the Persian Gulf.

Shidvar, also known as Maru, is a small and completely coral island, whose beaches and blue waters have created spectacular and unique scenery.

This is an eye-catching island of Hormozgan on which no people live. There are no amenities there either.

The azure waters and the coral nature of the coast of Shidvar Island have built it a reputation as being Iran’s Maldives.

This island counts as one of the not widely known islands of the Persian Gulf, which is called Maru in the local language because there are lots of rattlesnakes on the island (“mar” being Persian for snake).

These poisonous and dangerous snakes are the reason why no amenities are found in Maru despite its pristine and beautiful natural scenery.

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