Thursday, February 29, 2024

Rouhani Dismisses Concerns over COVID-19 Vaccine Supply

President Hassan Rouhani has assured Iranians that his administration strives to meet demand for the coronavirus vaccine with a homegrown product, purchases from reliable companies, and delivery of vaccine through the World Health Organization's COVAX programme.

Speaking after a trilateral meeting of heads of the theee Iranian branches of power, held on Tuesday, President Rouhani dismissed the speculations about the COVID-19 vaccine supply in the virtual space that may concern people.

“One of the important issues for the administration at this juncture is undoubtedly supplying the (coronavirus) vaccine needed by people,” the president emphasized.

President Rouhani then gave an assurance that the administration would take all necessary measures to develop a homegrown vaccine and make purchases from the reliable companies that are a hundred percent trustworthy.

“The administration has also applied for vaccine from COVAX and has made a payment. Millions of doses of vaccine have been purchased in that way that would be supplied and the vaccination will be carried out,” the president added.

The president then pointed to the topics discussed in the trilateral meeting with the Judiciary chief and the Parliament speaker, citing the health of people, livelihood conditions, and the nullification of the cruel sanctions.

Highlighting the administration’s success to reduce the coronavirus death toll to a two-digit number after months, the president said it is important to preserve the declining fatality rates.

On the plans to support and improve the livelihood of people, President Rouhani said Iran has been grappling with a massive economic war for three years, but the people have overcome major problems with resistance and fortitude.

The president noted that the next year’s national budget proposed by the administration has focused on the livelihood conditions, expressing hope that the coordination with the heads of the Parliament and the Judiciary would help achieve the budgetary targets and serve the national interests and development.

Like the past two years, the administration has cut off the current budget’s dependence on the oil revenues in the proposed budget bill, the president added.

He further denounced the cruel sanctions the enemies have imposed on Iran, stressing that the sanctions must be lifted in order for “commitment vis-à-vis commitment”.

Echoing remarks by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the president said Iran would take a practical step in response to every practical step from the other side.

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