Saturday, January 28, 2023

Rica is doing well and his teeth are shining brightly

Rica, a male leopard who has undergone unprecedented dental surgery in Iran, is doing great.

IFP has recently reached out to Alireza Shahrdari-Panah, a photojournalist who served as an assistant to Dr. Memarian, to get the latest on Rica – the male leopard who underwent dental surgery to have his lower fangs implanted with gold crowns – and to find out if the surgery has been successful in lifting the big cat out of pain.

Mr. Shahrdari-Panah told us that Rica couldn’t be better and invited us to pay a visit to him in order to see his great implanted fangs in person.

Shahrdari-Panah, who is a wildlife enthusiast, has sent the latest photo of Rica to us along with a humorous note: “These are brushed, white teeth of Rica. He has asked us to have his upper fangs implanted, too!!!!!”

Upon a flow of demands by numerous visitors interested in wildlife we decided to post the latest on Rica.

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