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Rageh Canyon; Paradise at Heart of Desert

Rageh Valley is one of the unique natural phenomena of the city of Rafsanjan in Kerman Province, southern Iran, and also one of the most famous tourist attractions of the province.

Rageh Canyon is located 20 km from Rafsanjan, near the two eco-tourism attractions of the province, namely Meymand Village and Shahdad kaluts.

The sharp cones, eroded pillars and columns, arches and striped walls of up to 100 metres high are among the special parts of this region, a report by Mehr News Agency said.

Passing through the valley’s slopes, you encounter big and small holes, some of which are natural and others have been built by humans in the past.

Walking along the 20-kilometre valley provides the opportunity for every visitor to see the effects of soil erosion.

There are currently three geo-parks in Iran, which include Qeshm Global Geopark, Aras Geopark and Rageh Geopark.

Here are the photos of the canyon retrieved from various sources:

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