Official Says Iran Will Survive COVID-19 Crisis

Iran Condemns New US Sanctions on China

Spokesman for the Iranian Taskforce on Combatting Novel Coronavirus Ali Rabiei says the country has got out of “the primary coronavirus shock” and will finally survive the crisis.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday night, Rabiei said “we all have pulled ourselves together and have stood alongside each other” against the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Certainly thanks to the collective conscience which has been created in Iran we will survive the bitterness,” he added.

“Amidst the bitterness of the coronavirus I see a great many of behaviours making our life sweet, from the self-sacrifice made by nurses and NGOs coming to the battlefield to Uncle Akbar [the manager of a charity in Tehran aiding homeless people and drug addicts] who, even at the peak of the spread of the coronavirus, has not forgotten rough-sleepers,” the official added.

Trying to draw the direction which in his view the country is taking against the spread of coronavirus, Rabiei went on to say that he is assured that “till the end of the bitter coronavirus drama we will achieve a new life of collective movement thanks to being a support and refuge to each other.”

“I have the certitude that return to the values of collaboration which has been among old valuable Persian traditions will be manifested with greater strength.”

“In the post-crisis era we will experience a new healthy life which can be institutionalized and sustained. Indeed, through hygienic and health-oriented behaviour we will live a new life,” he added.

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