Monday, December 11, 2023

Informed source rejects Iranian forces’ entry into Azeri territory

An informed source has reportedly denied reports published by some media in the Republic of Azerbaijan of Iranian armed forces entering Azeri territory during the 44-day Nagorno-Karabakh war last year.

The suspicious reports accused Iran of military aggression in the Zangilan region and the village of Soltanli.

The Iranian Energy Ministry source told Nour News that in 2016, despite the Armenian occupation of the Zangilan and Soltanli regions, and to consolidate the sovereignty of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the occupied territories, Iran signed a joint dam construction agreement with Baku on the Aras River.

The source explained that based on the agreement, the responsibility of securing the dam on both sides of the border was transferred to Iran.

The agreement stipulated that after the end of the occupation, securing the dam in the Azeri sector would be handed over to Baku under a new agreement, the informed source noted.

During the 44-day war between the Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia, the Azeri military forces, while advancing to liberate the occupied territories, demanded the withdrawal of the Iranian guard forces from the northern part, with no regard for the previous agreement and refusing to clarify the technical and security details. It was not logical or possible at all, he explained.

The informed source went on to say that the Iranian Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan later reached a deal and the security of the northern part of the dam was handed over to the Azeri forces in the presence of border guard commanders of the two countries.

Tensions have been running high on the border between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan in recent weeks.

Iran, which recently held military drills in the area, insists that its northwestern neighbor should not have allowed Israeli elements to come to the Caucasus.

Tehran says the security of regional borders is a red line that must not be crossed.

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