Friday, June 14, 2024

Windmills of Nashtifan; Combination of Iranian Art & Technology

Windmills in the city of Nashtifan in Iran’s Khorasan Razavi province are one of the most beautiful and largest collections of clay, mud and wood, and of course the oldest of these kind in the world.

These windmills have been serving the people through ages by combining art and technology. They are called Nashtifan after the wind of 120 days in the region. These mills first emerged in Iran in the 7th century AD. Since this area was exposed to “severe storms”, they are called Nashtifan. The remnants of these windmills in Khaf are in the list of places that are going to be registered by the UNESCO.

What follows are the photos Nashtifan windmills retrieved from IRNA:

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