Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Report: Mossad-backed sabotage plot in Isfahan foiled

The Iranian intelligence ministry has reportedly thwarted a plot by members of a network affiliated with the Israeli regime to blow up a sensitive defense industry center in Iran’s central city of Isfahan.

Nour News, affiliated with Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, reported on Thursday evening that the network, who had snuck into Iran through the border with the northern Iraqi region of Kurdistan, were in contact with the Zionist regime’s spy agency, Mossad.

The terrorists were members of the anti-Iran separatist Komala party, who were directly selected by the ringleader Abdulla Mohtadi, and were introduced to the Mossad, according to Nour News.

The agents were equipped with powerful explosive materials and modern communication devices for the sabotage act.

“The team members were not able to bring in the equipment on their own, so they had to stash them within the stuff of the carriers (known as Kolbars),” the report explained.

The terrorists had eight highly powerful bombs to blow up the main target and eight small bombs for destruction of the equipment, four special handguns with silencers, special technical devices for disrupting the control systems of the target facility as well as remote explosion devices, a complete set of makeup tools and the equipment to change fingerprints, the report said.

The attempt is not unprecedented as an espionage network linked to the Mossad, planned to destroy a sensitive facility in Isfahan was busted and its members were arrested in July.

In June last year, Iran thwarted an act of sabotage targeting one of the buildings belonging to its Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI).

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