Migraine Patients Can Receive Free Counselling Services in Iran

An Iranian pharmaceutical company has launched a telephone system to counsel migraine patients free of charge.

The move has, to a great extent, facilitated the trend of curing migraine in patients suffering from the disease.

The analyses of data obtained through telephone counselling at Mim Daroo pharmaceutical company indicate that the initiative taken by the company has had a meaningful effect on indicators of headache in migraine sufferers and has resulted in a meaningful drop in the amount of chemical painkillers used by these individuals.

One of the reasons behind such results is the counselling services offered to patients free of charge. Having access to counsellors before treatment begins will help patients take medicines properly and based on his/her own specific condition. It will help them pass their treatment period with more care and precision. The phone counselling system also eases patients’ contact with the drug company. The system was put into service in Iran at the same time that the medicine “Migraine Cut” officially hit the market in the country. So far, more than 5600 people have used the free services offered by this system.

Patients taking the Migraine Cut drug can use the services before and while taking the medicine.

When a patient contacts a counsellor via a phone call or internet connection, an independent file is opened for him/her. Through all stages of treatment, councilors review the trend of the improvement of the patient’s health and give him/her advice on the proper dose of the Migraine Cut drug, or on how to cut down on painkillers. The counselling takes place under the supervision of specialist physicians.

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