Knowledge-Based Firms Export $500m worth of Goods in 4 Years

Iran Offers Int’l Leasing to Knowledge-Based Companies

Knowledge-based companies in Iran have exported goods worth $500 million since President Hassan Rouhani took office in 2013, according an Iranian official.

Speaking in a ceremony in Isfahan, Iranian Minister of Science, Research and Technology Mohammad Farhadi declared thanks to the government’s support in the past 4 years, knowledge-based firms have managed to export $500 million worth of goods to other countries.

Rouhani’s administration has been one of the strong backers of knowledge-based companies as they are a valid source for promoting entrepreneurship and putting the army of jobless on the payroll, Financial Tribune reported.

Farhadi said, “39 technology parks and 3,000 science-based companies are now operating in Iran. Iran has 2,500 centres of higher education teaching science-based courses.”

He added that the administration is in the process of promoting ‘third generation universities.’

A third generation university is a global trend for the integration of universities and business; they are seen as a way for universities to have a source of income from research conducted on their campus. Courses in these educational institutions are responsive to modern demands, providing courses like computer gaming, programming and micro-science.

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