Saturday, December 3, 2022

Knowledge-Based Companies Making Iran Self-Sufficient: Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the country is attaining self-sufficiency in the production of a broad range of commodities thanks to the good investment in the development of knowledge-based companies.

In comments on the sidelines of a Sunday visit to an exhibition of high-tech products for the fight against the novel coronavirus, President Rouhani said his administration has been making efforts to strengthen and promote the knowledge-based companies over the past couple of years.

The plans to strengthen the infrastructures of domestic knowledge-based companies have boosted businesses, promoted technologies and elevated the country’s position in scientific rankings, the president added.

Iran Unveils COVID-19 Pneumonia Diagnosis System
Iran Unveils COVID-19 Pneumonia Diagnosis System

He also noted that development of the knowledge-based companies has made Iran self-sufficient in the production of many goods which were being imported in the past.

The domestic production of commodities by the knowledge-based businesses has reduced the expenditure on imports and has created a large market for the Iranian products, he added.

The president also said investment in strengthening the infrastructures in the health system has now helped the country at the time of crisis, noting that advanced medical equipment are currently at the disposal of the medical society for the battle with COVID-19.

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While the outbreak of coronavirus has forced people to stay home and has restricted the travels, the robust infrastructures in the cyber sector and electronic services have helped the country resume its activities via the virtual space, the president noted.

He finally stated that the achievements of the local industries displayed in the exhibition signify the ability to manufacture the necessary equipment for the treatment of coronavirus and carry out rapid laboratory tests to detect the virus.

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