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Iran’s Nature in Photos: Raghaz Canyon

Raghaz, the jewel of Iranian canyons, is where the water has met the rocks since thousands of year ago, creating stunning natural landscapes.

Raghaz canyon or Raghaz valley is located in Hassanabad region of Fasarood district, 30 km northwest of the city of Darab in Fars province, southern Iran.

The pleasant sound of waterfalls, the picturesque descents and ascents, swimming among the clear ponds and seeing beautiful salmons create fascinating, memorable moments for those visiting the canyon.

The large walls of Raghaz sometimes come together along the way, evoking a cave; other times they split apart and create a wonderful view. Its water originates from a spring in the heart of forest; and flows for five kilometres towards the southern valley before returning to the earth.

There are 64 waterfalls and 100 natural ponds between the source of Raghaz and the southern valley. The last waterfall, where the canyon reaches a dead-end, is 35m high.

The ponds of Raghaz are between 6 and 20 metres deep and up to 100 metres long. They have high walls that allow a small part of the sky to be visible.

While each waterfall or reservoir is beautiful in its own way, only 14 of them have been noticed by the general public and climbers.

What follows are ILNA’s photos of Raghaz canyon:

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